adHoc CMS - The spirit of the concept

The adHoc concept offers a simple, intuitive, lightweight and fast tool. The cms is therefore meant to be:

  • Minimalist: the basic structure embarks all the necessaries, without superfluity
  • Simplistically simple: the cms can be installed in an instant and becomes operational on the spot
  • Slim: the zipped file will be kept below 1MB
  • Modular: the base is enriched by modules that each one chooses strictly according to his needs.
  • Multilingual: naturally up to 6 languages and potentially more if necessary. To get rid of the robots translators and go back to authentic texts.
  • Multi-user: optionally with a fine management of access and rights via the Users module
  • Without SQL database: data is stored in simple text files
  • Independent : only PHP is required to handle HTML and CSS, without dependency from any external library
  • and above all... Free: distributed under the GNU GPL v3, the canonical free license

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