adHoc CMS - The CMS adHoc

What's an adHoc?

A web site making machine, a CMS or content management system, an interface, an intermediary between the web content producer and his consumer, the editor and his reader, the director and his spectator.

A CMS without SQL database

Its data is in text files. For lightness, ease of use and safety.

Where did adHoc come from?

adHoc is developed by the Italian coder Penanders, on the basis of the predecessor, the old open source CMS Phortail. This new site generator is built upon the Pages module which had been coded originally by the same author for another CMS. adHoc inherited from the Pages module its multilingual organisation, its staff management and its 28kb javascript editor, Whizzywig.

adHoc is an innovative cms

In addition to the Page module, the other adHoc communication format is the box. With its pages and boxes, adHoc makes you the creator of a variety of website types. Thanks to its grid structure, the themes for adHoc are naturally responsive. The lightness of the adHoc core is due to its essentially modular design. Webmasters install only the features required for their own site : adHoc adapts to their needs.

A tool conceived for universe designers

The adHoc is therefore an advanced communication tool that enables the flow of information. But it is only a tool, created for you, so that you become the creator of your universe. It's your go...

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