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2. Menu boxes icon

You are given access to the menu boxes list of your site.


NB : At the end of the top right line, you find quick links to the Pages list and to the Categories list of your site.

In the provided pack, only one menu box is settled.

Menu boxes are fitted with a unique numeric Id. Two icons are displayed for each menu box :

  • The first one enables editing and modifying the menu box.

  • The second allows you to delete the Menu box.

Editing and modifying the menu box

NB : This is where you get to by clicking on the quick link PgMenu 0 in the public page.


→ Enter Menu box titles in your site's languages.

→ Adjust the level of visibility of the Menu box : Public (available to all visitors) / Private.

If the Users module is installed, other visibility options are possible for members or/and potential collaborators. -see the documentation of this module.-

→ Adjust the display type of the Menu box.

  • Categories list : In the Menu box, only the category titles appear. It is at the top of each page that the Index displays the page titles.

    Reminder: The Index adjustment is made in the Settings (-see previous document: Page management - Settings). :

  • Pages list : In the Menu box, all categories and their respective pages are displayed.

  • Dynamic list Nr1 : In the Menu box, all categories are displayed "closed" and a link on each category enables scrolling down the list of their respective pages.

  • Dynamic list Nr2 : A variant of the previous display type.

  • Hidden categories : In the menu box, categories are not displayed. Only the list of all the pages of the box.

Creating a new menu box

In the administration page that lists the Menu boxes, click on the link


You access the same Menu configuration page as seen previously, this one is to be filled in and populated.

For the purpose of this documentation: Below is a newly created Menu box.


NB : Setting the visibility level to "Private" causes a new icon to appear in the list.

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