adHoc CMS - Update

  • From the administration panel of adHoc, take note of the installed version
  • according to it, choose acompliant version in the Download box
  • Extract the contents of the file into a folder of your choice on your computer
  • Send via FTP the contents of this folder to the main folder of your web space (if the site is online) or to the local adHoc folder (if you are working on a local version).
  • Go to the Settings page from the site administration panel and save again your configuration.
  • Display the Appearance/Configuration page of the site's administration panel, select the administration skin and register

Be careful!
You cannot directly update to the latest version a site that is several versions behind schedule (e. g. 0.48 > 0.51), unless you have a customized update pack. To update the site, you need to install one update at a time following the normal procedure.

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