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4. Categories Icon

You access the list of the Categories of your site.

NB : This access is only possible if at least one page in a category has been created.

Below is the access to this list after creating the first page [-see previous document :].


NB : At the end of the top right line, quick links to the categories List and the Menu boxes list of your site.

NB : Each category has a unique numeric identifier (Id). Here, it's 0.

Icons or links are possible for each category.

  • The first icon is used to edit and modify the category.

  • The second icon is used to delete the category.

    Look out! This action deletes ALL pages in this category..

  • The Menu Boxes numeric link takes you to the setting page of the corresponding Menu Box.

Adding categories

Click on the link.


You are given access to this page.


For the purposes of this step-by-step process, after a few additions, we can obtain this :


NB : We find the icon indicating the private level for the Menu box of Id 1 as it has been specified in the page dealing with the Menu boxes. [-see relevant page :].

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