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3. Pages Icon

You are given access to the list of your sites Pages. There is none in the pack: it's up to you to write them, assigning them to the suitable category and settling them in the Menu boxes you will have created.

NB : It is unnecessary at that point to use the Categories icon. This step-by-step will come back to it as soon as at least one page and one category will have been created.


NB : At the end of the top right line, quick links to  the categories List and the Menu boxes list of your site.

Writing a page

Click on the link Add a page.


Look out! As for the boxes, the order of the languages declared on the site is important: the creation of a new page will be automatically filled in language Nr1 (in the pack, it is the Italian language). And as for the boxes, it is simple to create the pages of the other languages.

  • The drop-down list enables assigning a Menu box to this new page.

  • Enter a category title.

  • Enter a page title.

  • With the editor tools, Whizziwig by default, write your page.

    NB : As for the edition of the boxes, it is possible to display the source code, in order to insert images, links... [see the relevant page : ]


At the bottom of the editor, several other settings are possible:

  • You can enter information in the Meta Title and Meta Description fields that will allow search engines to index and reference your page correctly (see Katryne's pages on her website Chronica : Meta Titre and Meta Description , in French...).

  • You can change the default value for the display duration for New / Update.

  • You can choose to display your page with or without side boxes, or with certain alternatives as shown in the drop-down list.

  • You can check or uncheck the Meta Noindex option which enables blocking the indexing of your page by search engines: it will therefore not appear in the results of a search.

  • You can check or uncheck the option to update the revision date.

  • You can finally choose the behaviour of the site administration as soon as you register (below, back to the list of pages).


NB : Pages have a unique numeric identifier (Id). Here, it's 001.

Icons are displayed under the languages flags.

  • Language Nr1 : the first icon gives access to the editor.

  • Language Nr1 : the second icon is used to delete the page.

    NB : As for the boxes, this action in languages Nr2 or 3 only removes their translations. To delete a page completely, it must be done in language Nr1..

  • Language Nr1 : the third icon allows to deactivate and reactivate the page.

  • Language Nr2 and 3 : this icon gives access to the editor to create the translations in their respective languages.

    NB : As for the boxes, the content is reproduced (but must be translated all the same!...), but you have to fill in the category and page titles in languages 2 and 3.


NB : To simplify the writing of this step-by-step, the titles of the categories and pages are not differentiated for the 3 languages of the site.

→ It is possible to create other pages : Click on the link Add a page. In this case, you will return to the editor with the category already filled in..

→ It is possible to create other categories : Click on the link Add a category. In this case, you return to the editor as you did at the beginning of this page with, possibly, a Menu box and a new category to be filled in to create a new page.

NB : On the next page of this step-by-step: the use of the Category icon.

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