Basics - Administrator and languages

1. Website Administrator

In the Configuration tab, you need to modify the information about the webmaster of the site (name and email). This name will then appear as administrator in the left column of the site administration.


Be careful to choose the administrator's name carefully as the subsequent modification can be complicated!
If the Users module, enabling multi-user management, is installed, it is possible to appoint another administrator among the users registered on the site. -See the documentation of this module.

2. Website languages

In the Configuration tab, you can change the information about the languages that will be used for your site (up to 6 languages will be possible). With the drop-down lists you can choose their order. In this area, you can choose and adapt for each language the name of the site, a slogan, a description.


If you want to delete languages N°2 and 3, use the drop-down lists and choose the empty line at the top of the list.


3. Changing login credentials

This process applies only for an adHoc in single-user configuration. For the same operation in multi-user configuration, please refer to the Users module documentation.

On the Home page, click on the quick link  Login Credentials .


Fill in the fields User ID and Password (on first installation they are ID = admin and Password = liberus). In the next section, enter the new login credentials to secure the newly installed website.


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