Basics - Adjusting the look

General overview

In the help documents for the creation of a template:, the image there gives an overview of the layout with the possible locations for the boxes. //changer l'adresse de la page

In adHoc, horizontal sections or columns are used to store boxes or the main content.

  • In each section, there are a maximum of 5 slots: the boxes displayed in a horizontal section will have the same width, evenly distributed.

    The number of horizontal top or bottom sections (up-rows and down-rows) depends on the template used and is not limited.

  • The main section provides the ability to display columns and main content.

    The number of rows in the columns of the main section is not limited.

Not all sections will be displayed at the same time: it depends on the template in use.

Sections or columns will not be displayed if they include no box.

Overview of the "no_skin" template  given away with the pack

The Header and Footer horizontal sections are displayed at each page view (they may be empty and, if so, will not be displayed). They are composed as follows:

Index page (Home page only), for the "no_skin" template:

  • the top sections named Hero Unit and Up Tab and a bottom section named Down Tab,

  • the main section including a Main column and a column on the right called SideBar0 (the number of rows in these columns is not limited)

Default page, for the "no_skin" template:

  • the main section, which will necessarily include (even if it is not specified), the page you will write, or another module page (contact, policy...). -see the documentations for these different modules-

  • two columns on the right named SideBar0 and SideBar1 (the number of rows in these two columns is not limited)

    NB: the SideBar0 column will therefore be displayed for all views (it can be empty and will not be displayed).

Adjusting the look

The Appearance tab in the left column of the site administration gives you access to 4 links :


1. Settings icon:


  • You will be able to choose the template of your site. Currently, in the pack, only the no_skin template is available.

  • You can choose to display, or not, the adHoc CMS link to the official website at the bottom of your site.

  • You can choose to display the menu on a mobile with an icon or a button.

2. Menu bar icon


There is no limit to the number of items in this Menu Bar..

You enter the titles that will be displayed in each language and the relative or absolute link that will open: another one of your pages, a page of a module, an external page...

3. Template in use icon

This icon gives access to 3 new links:

NB: This is where you get to by choosing Configure template in the Quick Administration panel..


→ Header Footer icon


Using the drop-down lists, you can set your boxes at the appropriate locations.

In each list are only the boxes authorized to be located there.

Reminders :

- To empty a location, select the empty line at the top of the list.

- If a horizontal section is empty, it is not displayed..

→ Default icon


Using the drop-down lists, you can set your boxes or menu boxes to the appropriate locations on the Default Page.

→ Index icon


Using the drop-down lists, you can set your boxes or menu boxes to the appropriate locations on the Index Page (Home page).

In the no_skin template, the SideBar0 column is displayed in the Index Page and in the Default Page. If you set a box in this column, it will be automatically carried over to these two pages.

4. Templates management icon

If you have several themes installed on your site, you will be able to tune them separately in this area.

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